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$37 million verdict against Florida Power and Light

Wrongful Death

A $37 million wrongful death jury verdict against Florida Power and Light on behalf of the family of a teenage girl who died in a car collision in Pinecrest after an FPL crew cut power to a major intersection to address a minor fire.  After an FPL crewmembers disconnected power to the traffic signal, our client’s car was hit by another vehicle. The child was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital where she died hours later.

$12.5 million verdict for family of victims in truck accident

Wrongful Death

A $12.5 million wrongful death jury verdict on behalf of the family of two young children and their grandfather, who were killed in a collision involving a truck. The trucking company appealed, and the case was settled during the appellate process for $8.5 million.

$2 million settlement for family of Broward Sheriff's Office Detective

Workplace Safety

A $2 million workplace safety settlement on behalf of the family of a Broward Sheriff’s Office Detective who was killed by a suspect during a raid of the suspect’s home.

$23.5 million against University of Florida

Medical Malpractice

A $23.5 million medical malpractice jury verdict against the University of Florida on behalf of a woman who suffered a massive stroke when a medical procedure to ease her migraines went wrong.

$9.8 million against Coral Springs Medical Center & Omega Gynecology & Obstetrics Center

Medical Malpractice

A $9.8 million medical malpractice settlement for a husband and wife whose twins failed to receive the special attention they needed from Coral Springs Medical Center and doctors from the Omega Gynecology & Obstetrics Center. Numerous signs indicating the need for special attention during labor and delivery were overlooked. As a result of the negligence of these defendants, one of the twins suffered severe brain damage, rendering the child permanently disabled. The settlement will pay for the lifetime of medical expenses and other needs of the child.

$6 million settlement for child in misdiagnosed case in U.S. hospital

Federal Tort Claims Act

A $6 million Federal Tort Claims Act settlement for a little girl who lost her legs and one of her arms, and the use of her other arm, as a result of a misdiagnosed cases of meningococcal meningitis at a United States Naval Hospital in Maryland.

$2 million verdict for family against FEMA

Federal Tort Claims Act

A $2 million Federal Tort Claims Act verdict for the family of a mother killed when the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) trailer she was living in after Hurricane Andrew failed to protect her during a subsequent storm.

$410 million settlement for Bank of America account holders

Multidistrict and Class Action Litigation

A $410 million settlement on behalf of Bank of America individual account holders who suffered additional overdraft fees as a result of the bank’s policy of re-sequencing debit transactions from highest to lowest.

Settlement for son of agricultural worker affected by pesticides

Defective Products

A confidential defective products settlement for the son of an agricultural worker born without arms or legs as a result of improper application of pesticides. The boy’s mother, who was employed in the tomato fields for Ag-Mart, was repeatedly sprayed with pesticides while working in the fields. Our investigation uncovered numerous violations by Ag-Mart, including smuggling and unacceptable working conditions. As a result of the settlement, our client will receive a lifetime of financial support and medical care.

*The results obtained by the Firm in these cases are representative only, and there is no guarantee that future cases will yield similar results. The amounts set forth above are before deductions for attorneys’ fees and costs.