How to Report Medical Malpractice and 3 Ways to Prevent Being a Victim

How to Report Medical Malpractice and 3 Ways to Prevent Being a Victim

Every day at Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, we hear about the struggles our medical malpractice clients have endured. While each case requires a finely tailored approach, our years of seeking justice for those clients have revealed a few questions people should ask themselves, or their loved ones, before reporting medical malpractice.

  1. Did You Have an Advocate? If you are visiting a hospital or meeting with a doctor, ensure that you bring a friend, parent, or colleague to advocate on your behalf. When you are sick, it’s best to have an ally by your side—someone who knows your wishes and can ensure your doctor is looking out for your best interests.
  2. Did You Question Your Doctor? When consenting to an operation or accepting a diagnosis, you are putting your life in your doctor’s hands. You have a right to question your doctor. While discussing medical issues are often uncomfortable, it is crucial to be as informed as possible.
  3. Did You Get Multiple Opinions? Sometimes, questioning your doctor isn’t enough to avoid becoming a malpractice victim. If your diagnosis is severe enough that your doctor recommends surgery or powerful medications, seeking an additional medical opinion can be essential to ensure you have the best possible result.

When facing a medical emergency, people are vulnerable, and unfortunately, many medical malpractice cases are the result of doctors and medical personnel who are negligent in the face of those patients’ needs. Our goal is to help minimize medical malpractice as much as possible.

If you or someone you love needs to report a medical malpractice case, please call (866) 629-1061 or fill out a request for a case review.

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