Stem Cell Therapy Malpractice: An Epidemic That Must Be Stopped
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Stem Cell Therapy Malpractice: An Epidemic That Must Be Stopped

Over the last two decades, there has been great confidence and enthusiasm when it comes to the promise and use of stem cells, where research shows stem cells are a viable option for a variety of diseases. This cutting-edge form of medicine has shown promise for treating severe ailments.

However, much of the treatment’s applications remain unproven, and this promise is, unfortunately, being utilized by many freestanding medical facilities claiming to be part of clinical trials that are unproven and unsafe.

Some results have created serious and even permanent damage, creating a new medical malpractice sector in itself.

Consumers should be wary. There is an enormous hole that exists in the NIH Clinical Trial website found at

This gap and lack of verification are being exploited by for-profit stem cell clinics, preying on those most in need—those suffering souls looking for any possible hope for a positive outcome.

The proliferation of stem cell clinics that is happening worldwide is both disturbing and dangerous. They pose a danger to both the patients and to the real scientists and clinicians who hope that stem cells are the key to cure many ailments.

And sadly, these companies have no problem lying, cheating, and stealing for a dollar. They will offer a cure for the incurable. They falsely claim there is little to no risk—their therapies are proven; they are involved in real research; they will follow the patient, track their progress, and share their experience as part of a clinical trial for the common good.

But these are all lies.

They are interested in only one thing—making money at all costs. The patients mean nothing nor does the result. If you’re able to pay, you will qualify for these clinical trials, which are receiving free advertising and an apparent stamp of approval because these freestanding clinics are on the NIH worldwide website.

Clearly it has to have been verified as being both legitimate and safe for the NIH to allow it to be listed, right? Well, truth be told, that’s not the case. This needs to stop and safeguards need to be put in place to protect vulnerable consumers—the loophole needs to be closed and regulations need to tighten.

These for-profit snake oil salesmen should not be allowed to advertise their product or service without proof they have real cures and care will be provided by appropriately trained and licensed personnel.

Unless something drastic is done now to stop this charade and put controls in place, more people will be hurt and a disservice will be done to the true scientists and the future of stem cell research, therapies, and treatment.

Have you or a loved one been harmed by false stem cell therapies? We urge you to reach out to our offices by calling (866) 629-1061 or filling out a free case request.

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