3 Shocking Facts We’ve Uncovered About Stem Cell Therapy Clinics

3 Shocking Facts We’ve Uncovered About Stem Cell Therapy Clinics

In recent years, there have been significant scientific breakthroughs in the field of stem cell research, where scientists are growing confident about the diverse ways stem cell therapy can aid, treat, or even prevent diseases.

However, despite the excitement and the perceived hope stem cells may one day bring, this therapy is still completely unproven and unregulated, making it very dangerous for any consumers considering this form of treatment.

Right now, many healthcare professionals andothers are marketing the use of stem cells through clinical trials and saying it could work for anyone with any problem whatsoever. But be wary. In our experience, we have seen plenty of negative results, some even catastrophic, arising directly from this unproven and unregulated stem cell therapy.

We have already uncovered a lot of the dangerous truths behind stem cell therapy, but you will be shocked to see what investigations into our cases have uncovered thus far:

Fact #1: Stem Cell Clinics Are Posting Clinical Trials on Government Sites

Many of these stem cell clinics are offering these profit-driven services on the National Institute of Health (NIH) website. However, many of these are not true clinical trials and should not be on the site, to begin with. Since the filing of our stem cell cases, the NIH has posted a warning on their clinical trials page that states:

“Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details. Before participating in a study, talk to your health care provider and learn about the risks and potential benefits.”

Unfortunately, these clinics remain on the site, and we urge you to do extensive due diligence and avoid contact with profit-driven entities.

Tip: Just because the treatment is on the NIH website does not mean it is a regulated or an approved form of therapy. If you have to pay for it, it’s likely not a clinical trial at all.

Fact #2: Clinics Are Harvesting Stem Cells From Fat, Which Is Not Proven to Work

The way these clinics are harvesting stem cells is alarming. The clinic conducts a “mini liposuction” procedure, where they inject a cannula (a thin tube) into your stomach to extract the fat out. They then isolate those stem cells and inject or infuse them where needed.

When people think of stem cell treatments, the more common research uses stem cells from bone marrow or blood. However, taking stem cells from fat (i.e., adipose-derived stem cells) is not proven to work.

Tip: If you’re considering a clinical trial and it is the intent to harvest stem cells from your fat, we highly recommend not moving forward with the procedure.

Fact #3: Stem Cell Clinics Are Using Unsanitary Practices

The third finding, and certainly not the last, is the unsanitary methods these clinics are using to isolate your stem cells. Many of these clinics are not using good manufacturing practices.

Let’s start with the process to harvest and allegedly separate out your stem cells. After a fat sample is removed by way of a “mini liposuction” procedure, the cells from that sample are processed in a variety of ways. Several unapproved devices, equipment, and enzymes are used to cleanse, separate and isolate out these stem cells that are to be used.

Thus far, we found that the enzymes used by some of these stem cell clinics are not intended nor approved for human consumption. These are enzymes specifically labeled for lab use ONLY. This is completely negligent and could well be a contributing factor as to why patients are suffering permanent damage.

Additionally, we have found that a janitorial supply company – a company that sells goods such as paper goods, small wares, janitorial products, and restaurant equipment – is providing the supplies being used for this stem cell therapy, including the industrial-grade enzymes.

It’s gotten so dangerous that the U.S. Department of Justice had to file civil complaints in Florida and California against two companies that offer these stem cell services.

Tip: Do extensive research on the stem cell clinic you’re considering. Inquire about all successes and complications that have occurred as a result of the stem cell therapy you seek. Don’t take their word for it. Speak to your physicians and get real medical guidance before agreeing to go forward. If something seems off, do not move forward with the procedure.

If you are seriously contemplating stem cell therapy, check out our 7 points to consider before moving forward. We want you to make the most informed decision possible, so you don’t fall victim.

For more information regarding stem cell therapy treatments, or if you’ve been a victim of a procedure gone wrong at a stem cell clinic, call us today at (866) 629-1061 or fill out a free case review form.

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