FDA Wins Lawsuit Against U.S. Stem Cell Clinic
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FDA Wins Lawsuit Against U.S. Stem Cell Clinic

The FDA has won a lawsuit against U.S. Stem Cell, an organization that provides experimental stem cell treatments, for the dangerous procedures its clinics have performed on patients.

Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen’s Andy Yaffa represents several clients who have been victims of these predatory practices.

About these Unproven Procedures

In 2015, stem cell lawsuit client Jeannine Mallard visited a Hollywood based medical office where a clinical trial was allegedly being operated by U.S. Stem Cell. There she underwent an unproven stem cell procedure to treat her macular degeneration. The clinic told Mallard the operation had improved the sight of many others.

She then paid $7,000 for the treatment and banking of cells with the hope it would do the same for her. Mallard was then subjected to an unproven procedure, where fat-derived stem cells were injected directly into her eyes. Her condition rapidly deteriorated post-procedure, and she suffered several retinal detachments. Mallard now faces surgery to remove her eye altogether.

Sadly, this form of therapy is practiced by other organizations, like Cell Surgical Network, whose Georgia facility allegedly blinded a retired elementary school music teacher, GRYC client Doris Tyler. As reported by the Washington Post and others, Tyler also sought treatment for her macular degeneration. She lost vision in both her eyes two months after visiting the clinic for injections. Like Mallard, Doris Tyler is taking action by filing a lawsuit against the stem cell clinic.

New Legal Changes to Stop This Type of Procedure

The FDA’s recent legal victory against U.S. Stem Cell, as reported by major news outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post, seeks to ban the company and its practitioners from ever again performing the injections that blinded Mallard.

FDA officials are also pursuing the Cell Surgical Network in court and have filed a request to ban the network from administering the fat-derived stem cells which are blinding innocent people.

Continue to Be Wary of Stem Cell Therapy

Facilities offering medically unproven stem cell therapies like this are quickly spreading around the world and will continue to grow in popularity until the necessary controls are put in place. GRYC is glad the FDA and others are working to stop this epidemic and our team is dedicated to securing justice for victims of stem cell therapy malpractice as well.

If you are reading this because you or somebody you love is seeking representation for a similar case, Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen can help. Call (866) 629-1061 for a free consultation.

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