Can Giving Birth Cause Nerve Damage?
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Can Giving Birth Cause Nerve Damage?

Many people are familiar with physical injuries related to giving birth, such as fractures, lacerations, and more. However, few people understand that giving birth can result in neurological problems such as nerve damage. Get informed on nerve damage after birth and what you can do if you have suffered from this condition.

Nerve Damage After Giving Birth

Pregnant women undergo significant strains on their bodies from carrying a baby for nine months, particularly as the baby grows larger and heavier. Femoral nerve damage from prolonged compression is one such strain.

While this condition is rare, it can be debilitating. The injury is caused by the baby’s head or other body parts pressing down on the mother’s pelvic nerves during delivery. This injury can cause paralysis in one or both of the mother’s legs. While this condition is typically temporary, such nerve damage often has long-term effects.

The pelvic area is home to dozens of nerves that control signals to the legs. Prolonged pressure on these nerves during labor and delivery can cause various control problems in the legs down the line, with femoral nerve damage being one such example.

nerves surrounding the pelvic bone and spine

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In some cases, it may be possible to diagnose and prevent nerve damage during labor by using the correct amount of anesthesia. With too much anesthesia, the woman may lose all feeling in some parts of the body, including the legs, and be unable to know about any potential problems. In order to prevent this, anesthetic techniques should avoid total paranesthesia and consider pain-free injection of local anesthesia instead.

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