Stem Cell Therapy: An Unproven Treatment That Can Ruin Lives
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Stem Cell Therapy: An Unproven Treatment That Can Ruin Lives

Many people have heard about stem cell therapy, which has been marketed as a cutting-edge treatment with a wide range of possibilities. However, the truth is that the effectiveness of stem cell therapy has yet to be proven. Yet, this does not keep many medical facilities from claiming it is a cure for various ailments.

Learn more about stem cell therapy and why you should not believe these facilities’ unsafe promises.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are the cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Essentially, stem cells have the potential to grow any type of cell that the body needs at a certain time. According to Mayo Clinic, no other cell in the body has the natural ability to generate new cell types.

The medical industry has taken an interest in stem cells as a treatment due to their adaptability. However, research into stem cell therapies is still ongoing and their effect is not fully understood. For example, researchers have discovered that some stem cells can trigger an immune response in which the patient’s body attacks the stem cells as foreign invaders, which can have serious consequences.

Still, this has not stopped many medical facilities from claiming their stem cell therapies are safe and effective. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has specifically put out warnings to the public not to trust these claims. Seeking such treatments can be illegal and potentially harmful. Instead, the FDA recommends that patients make sure any stem cell treatment they consider is:

  • FDA approved, or;
  • Being studied under an Investigational New Drug Application (IND), which is a clinical investigation plan submitted and allowed to proceed by the FDA

Suffered from Stem Cell Therapy Malpractice? We’re Here to Help

If you have suffered from an illegal or harmful stem cell therapy, you may not understand your options. Our Miami medical malpractice attorneys are here to review your situation and advise you as to the legal options you may want to pursue. We have represented and successfully resolved cases for those who have suffered from stem cell malpractice cases in the past, and we may be able to do the same for you.

Call Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen at (866) 629-1061 to schedule a free consultation.


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