Attorneys Alex Arteaga-Gomez, Stuart Grossman, and Neal Roth Help Achieve $127.5M Settlement for Victims of Parkland Massacre

Attorneys Alex Arteaga-Gomez, Stuart Grossman, and Neal Roth Help Achieve $127.5M Settlement for Victims of Parkland Massacre

Attorneys Alex Arteaga-Gomez, Stuart Grossman, and Neal Roth of the South Florida law firm Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, are proud to have played an integral role in reaching the $127.5 million settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for the families of those murdered and wounded in the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, a tragedy also known as the Parkland massacre.

A total of 16 of the 17 families directly affected by the Parkland massacre sued the FBI over its failure to prevent the shooting when it could have. As reported by the Miami Herald, Attorneys Arteaga-Gomez, Grossman, and Roth, along with the law firm, represented five of these families in the litigation.

Five weeks before the Parkland massacre, the FBI received a tip that Nikolas Cruz, who had been expelled from Stoneman Douglas a year prior, had purchased firearms with plans to “slip into a school and start shooting the place up.”

Despite the many concerns that the caller listed, including Cruz’s documented history of emotional and behavioral problems, the FBI failed to take any real action. According to a statement from the FBI, the only action taken was when the FBI tip line operator spoke to her supervisor about the call. No further effort was made to notify the state, local, or field offices near Cruz.

Upon hearing of the FBI’s failure to act, Attorney Grossman and our team sprang into action to advocate for the families who suffered as a result.

In October 2021, Cruz pleaded guilty to murdering 14 students and three staffers in the Parkland massacre. Jury selection will begin January 4, 2022, for his sentencing, which will either come in the form of the death penalty or life in prison.

As Attorney Grossman told the Herald, the $127.5 million settlement with the DOJ will benefit 40 survivors and family members.

“Our law firm is so proud of the way the Parkland families and our clients, in particular, dealt with the difficult legal aspects of this case on top of dealing with their unspeakable losses of their children,” Attorney Grossman stated. “We hope and pray that this case and the settlements achieved will make it clear to school boards and law enforcement at all levels that our school children must be protected from ALL criminal conduct. But to be clear, no amount of money will make up for the innocent lives lost.”

To get in touch with Attorney Arteaga-Gomez, Grossman or Roth, call Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen at (866) 629-1061.


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