Lawdragon Gives Stuart Grossman Spot in Hall of Fame Lawyer Limelight

Lawdragon Gives Stuart Grossman Spot in Hall of Fame Lawyer Limelight

Attorney Stuart Grossman, co-founder of Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, has relied heavily on instinct since the start of his career. With his unmatched legal advocacy skills, this has resulted in billions of dollars won for his clients. His notable work (which often changes not only his clients’ lives but policy, as well) has captured the attention of many. Now, Lawdragon has given him a spot in the Hall of Fame Lawyer Limelight.

In an illuminating conversation with Lawdragon journalist Josh Ritchie, Attorney Grossman spoke of what drives him to continue his work and what it feels like to win lifetime achievement awards. As he told Ritchie, his career was inspired by the wrongs he witnessed during the Civil Rights Movement—and there remains a lot of work to be done. He takes particular issue with companies and institutions that believe they can get away with taking advantage of people and not following proper protocol.

Attorney Grossman pointed to the case he fought against Florida Power and Light, which he described as a “lawful monopoly”: Without any competition, Florida Power and Light had been allowed to operate however it pleased. Its negligence eventually resulted in the death of a little girl amid a scheduled power outage. He brought the case all the way to the Supreme Court and won, fighting tirelessly in the little girl’s memory.

“As a society, we’ve learned to tolerate major companies acting with callous indifference, like Florida Power and Light did,” Attorney Grossman said in the interview. “But we want to stop anything like what happened to that little girl from happening to anyone else. So, every time we win a case against a company like that, we make a dent in their power by fending off the best they have.”

Ritchie highlighted Attorney Grossman’s other notable cases: the historic multidistrict litigation against major banks, various infant death cases, and the police brutality case that resulted in a ban on chokeholds in Miami-Dade County. And while he takes great pride in these cases, he is also very proud of his smaller cases. They may not attract the attention of the press, but through them, he is able to help clients recover from various life-changing accidents.

For instance, Attorney Grossman spoke of his former client who was rendered quadriplegic as a young man. After diving headfirst into the water at a Ritz-Carlton hotel on South Beach and Grossman’s client hit a shallow sandbank, resulting in a severe neck and spine injury. Grossman and his team was able to helped this client sue the Ritz-Carlton for failing to warn guests of the sandbar.

“That wasn’t the biggest case of my career, but that doesn’t matter so much to me,” Attorney Grossman explained. “What matters is the fact that throughout my career I've been blessed to make a difference, and that is what my life has been. When my partner attended this young man’s wedding, he said that they were still talking about the case and what it meant to them all these years later. That is so rewarding.”

Above all, as told to Lawdragon, making a difference in his clients’ lives is what Grossman loves the most about his job. The pursuit of justice itself is what compels him to keep fighting.

Today, Attorney Grossman is working on wrongful death cases arising from the unimaginable condo collapse in Surfside, FL. He is also representing the families and victims of one of our nation’s most tragic school shooting that occurred in Parkland, FL on February 14th, 2018. To book a free consultation or schedule an appointment, call (866) 629-1061 or contact Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen online.


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