3 Dangers in Parking Lots That Property Owners Must Address
pot hole in a parking lot filled with water

3 Dangers in Parking Lots That Property Owners Must Address

Property owners hold full responsibility for maintaining their parking lots. These owners are aware that their property is a great way to generate income, whether it be supplemental or primary. But owning a parking lot is more than just making money — these owners have responsibilities to ensure that the area is safe for all visitors. If a property is not adequately maintained, the owner could face serious legal consequences if you are injured.

Here are the top three dangers in parking lots that may cause personal injury.


The parking lot pavement must be a top priority for property owners, as it is the basic foundation of the parking area. Property owners have to make sure their parking lot does not have any potholes or significant cracks that could cause damage to an individual’s vehicle or be a hazard to a pedestrian or bicyclist.

It is also the property owner’s responsibility to ensure the pavement is free of trash, debris, and other items that could impair a driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist. This includes seasonal maintenance as well. Fallen leaves can obscure parking spaces and serve as slipping hazards, while rainstorms can lead to flooded pavement. Proper drainage of the area is vital. If the pavement is not maintained and you are injured, the site owner may be at fault.


This is another responsibility that falls on a property owner. All parking lots must have proper lighting for various safety reasons. Going into a dark parking lot and trying to find a place to park your vehicle can be scary and unsafe. An improperly lit area can lead to slip and fall accidents when a driver and/or passenger is trying to exit a vehicle safely. Dark parking lots can also be a great hiding place for someone wanting to commit a crime. Inadequate lighting in a parking lot is extremely dangerous and serves as a recipe for disaster.

A property owner needs to have lighting that automatically turns on at dusk and off at sunrise. There are various lighting options on the market for property owners to secure their areas, leaving no excuse for the owner to not have correct lighting for visitors.


Parking lots should either have paid security officers or a surveillance system to record onsite activity. These measures are essential to protect visitors and ensure safety. If no security measures are in place and a crime or accident occurs, the property owner could face a lawsuit.

If you run into a problem while in a parking lot, whether it be a security, lighting, pavement issue, or something else, the team at Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen is here for you. Our trial lawyers have helped recover millions for past clients, and we will work hard to ensure you have the best possible outcome. Reach out today for a free consultation — (866) 629-1061.


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