Can You Appeal a Verdict in a Personal Injury Case?
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Can You Appeal a Verdict in a Personal Injury Case?

The outcome of a personal injury case is unpredictable when it goes to trial. Although you hope for a better settlement, sometimes that’s not the case. But what happens when you aren’t satisfied with the amount offered? The good news is you may be able to appeal your personal injury verdict!

What’s an appeal?

An appeal is a higher court's decision to change the decision a lower court ruled. An appeal is more so a review of whether or not there were flaws within the case that could change the outcome of the initial trial. But it’s essential to know that not everybody can file an appeal.

Am I eligible for one?

If you decide to resolve your case via settlement, you cannot appeal it. Within settlements, some clauses prevent victims from taking any additional legal action against the defendant. Therefore, if you’re unhappy with the outcome, do not settle.

If you are simply unhappy with your case, chances are you’re not going to have your appeal approved. To file, you must prove that there was a legal error or omission within your case. It’s necessary to speak with an attorney about your potential options as they can tell you if your case is strong enough for an appeal.

Ready to file?

In Flordia, it’s essential to take action fast as you only have 30 days after the decision was made to file a notice of appeal. You must file within the same court where the verdict was made. If you’re interested in filing an appeal and want to know if your case qualifies, schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. We have the resources and experience to examine your case thoroughly to determine if your case is eligible.

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