Lawdragon Feature: 35 Years of Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen
lawdragon 35 years

Lawdragon Feature: 35 Years of Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen

Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen is one of Florida’s most recognizable trial law firms—and for good reason. Our team has been standing up for our clients in complex and high-stakes litigation for more than 35 years. Throughout those decades, we have earned a long history of newsworthy case results.

In recognition of our decades of success, Lawdragon, a nationwide leader in legal media and news, recently featured our firm in an article: Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen Celebrates 35 Years of Zealous Advocacy.

The article dives into the history of Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, starting with when Attorneys Stuart Grossman and Neal Roth first met as opposing counsel in the 1970s. Seeing the same fire and drive in each other, they would later decide to join forces and found a firm that would eventually become a must-know name in legal circles, both in Florida and the rest of the country. Indeed, our firm and its attorneys have helped steered legislation and regulations through monumental medical malpractice and police brutality cases, among others.

The Lawdragon article takes a quick glimpse at some of our most influential cases, including:

  • The Chantel Berman Case: A cardiologist held an infant’s EKG reading upside-down and missed obvious signs of a congenital heart abnormality. The inexcusable mistake allowed the complication to worsen, resulting in the child’s untimely passing a few years later. Attorney Roth was able to secure a settlement with the hospital and push for important improvements to cardiological procedures and diagnoses.
  • The Edwards Chokehold Case:Antonio Edwards was assaulted by police officers who fabricated that he had a weapon on him as he ate lunch outside his car. He was placed in a long-lasting chokehold that caused him to suffer a heart attack and brain damage, ultimately resulting in his death after an extended coma. Attorney Grossman secured a victory that influenced the Miami-Dade police precinct to ban chokeholds.
  • The Carlitos Candelario-Herrera Case: A tomato farm worker’s child was born with no limbs. An investigation led by Attorney Yaffa proved that the birth defects were caused by unsafe chemicals used in the agricultural industries. He testified before Congress about the case, which led to landmark changes in agricultural safety and chemical use.
  • The Parkland Massacre Case: Attorneys Roth, Grossman, and several from the team represented several families of students who were killed or catastrophically injured in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. A $127.5 million settlement was achieved through litigation against the Department of Justice, which set important groundwork for how to succeed with similar future lawsuits.
  • Berto Lopez Cases: Cohen’s client, Onystei Castillo-Lopez, died of postpartum hemorrhage as Lopez’s patient. While working on the case, Cohen learned that Lopez had been reported for medical malpractice repeatedly over the last 20 years: Six women had died under his care, multiple injuries to babies he birthed and two babies suffered bungled circumcisions and multiple tragic injuries were reported. Yet, Lopez continued operating. While in the process of finishing the case, Lopez performed yet another botched circumcision, after learning that his license to practice medicine in Florida was permanently revoked, leading Cohen to take on a second client. Luckily, Cohen’s advocacy prevailed. For the first time in his 43-year medical malpractice career, Cohen saw a doctor’s license permanently removed, saving future parents and babies from similar fates to Cohen’s clients’.

We are proud to say that the above keynote cases are only a few showcased in the Lawdragon article and our extensive history. If you would like to know more about Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen and what sets us apart from other litigation law firms, then we invite you to read the entire Lawdragon article by clicking here. If you need our firm’s help with a complex or high-stakes lawsuit, then please reach out to one of our attorneys now by calling (866) 629-1061. Thank you.


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