Johns Hopkins Medicine Report Estimates 795,000 Annual Misdiagnosis Disabilities or Deaths

Johns Hopkins Medicine Report Estimates 795,000 Annual Misdiagnosis Disabilities or Deaths

When a medical provider fails to accurately diagnose a patient’s condition, it is called a misdiagnosis. At a glance, a misdiagnosis might not seem like a serious issue, but the truth is the exact opposite. Misdiagnosing a patient can put that patient at extreme risk of new or worsening injuries or symptoms that could have been avoided had an accurate diagnosis been given first.

According to a newly released report from Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence, part of the world-famous Johns Hopkins Medicine, approximately 795,000 Americans each year suffer a permanent disability or fatal complication after being misdiagnosed. More specifically, around 371,000 patient deaths and 424,000 patient disabilities are caused each year by misdiagnoses. Both numbers either match or are slightly higher than the estimates made by researchers in years past.

The researcher gathered medical information from doctor’s offices, urgent care clinics, ambulatory clinics, emergency departments, and inpatient care and hospitalization centers. The risk of a diagnosis error was about the same in all settings, roughly 11% of the time.

Misdiagnosing Certain Health Issues

Researchers were able to confidently conclude that the more subtle a patient’s symptoms appear to be, the higher the chance that the underlying cause will be misdiagnosed. Spinal abscesses and strokes were among the most commonly misdiagnosed, with stroke misdiagnoses occurring nearly 18% of the time. Sepsis, pneumonia, and blood clots are also among the most commonly misdiagnosed health issues.

Heart attacks are among the least misdiagnosed health issues at roughly a 1.5% misdiagnosis rate. Researchers noted that modern updates to medical technology and techniques have made heart attack diagnostic tools more accurate than ever.

Overall, about 40% of all disabilities and deaths caused by misdiagnoses involve only five health problems: strokes, blood clots, sepsis, pneumonia, and lung cancer. Focused research into these five health issues and how to accurately diagnose them could bring about quick and effective improvements. Approximately 150,000 deaths and disabilities could be prevented each year if misdiagnoses for those five health issues were eliminated.

What Happens If You Are Hurt by Misdiagnosis?

The research published by Johns Hopkins Medicine shows that medical misdiagnoses can happen in any medical setting and be caused by any medical professional. Even highly regarded doctors with many years of practice can make seemingly small mistakes that end up costing a patient their life or livelihood. If you or a loved one are ever injured by a misdiagnosis, please know that you could have legal options to help set things right.

At Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, we proudly offer our legal services to the people of Miami who have been injured by a medical provider’s mistakes. If you were seriously injured or disabled due to a misdiagnosis, or a loved one lost their life to diagnosis error, then let us know more during a FREE case review. We have a proven track record in misdiagnosis cases, including multiple settlements that met or exceeded $1,000,000. Past results cannot guarantee future results, but we believe they do show our ability to handle complex, high-stake cases like yours with tenacity and compassion.

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