How Insurance Adjusters Use Social Media Against You
How Insurance Adjusters Use Social Media Against You

How Insurance Adjusters Use Social Media Against You

Insurance adjusters are increasingly turning to social media to investigate claims, which can harm claimants who present evidence online that isn't relevant to their claim or doesn't support it. Social media posts can be used to challenge the severity of injuries and potentially reduce compensation expenses.

Adjusters use search engine data mining and keyword searches to see what individuals post on their pages, and also scrutinize postings on other public websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google+, and others. Even if a comment may seem insignificant at the time, these small details can make a huge difference when litigating a dispute, as information an individual reveals about themselves publicly may be taken out of context and used against them in court.

It is important for anyone involved in litigation to monitor their online presence since one's personal profile could become integral evidence during a trial.

Insurance Adjusters Will Look at Your Posts to Deny a Claim

The internet has made it easy to keep in contact with friends and family, post updates, and even show off vacation photos. Unfortunately, however, using social media may have unintended consequences during a time of need. Insurance adjusters often use these posts as evidence when determining the validity of an insurance claim.

Therefore, it is important for individuals to be mindful when posting pictures and content online, as posts can indicate a level of fitness not consistent with a medical diagnosis or accident history. Failing to exercise extreme caution when navigating the digital world could lead to one's claim being denied or limited coverage due to information discovered on social media platforms.

Insurance Adjusters Will Use Your Past Posts to Determine Medical History

In the era of digital communication, it is important for potential claimants to be aware that insurance companies may use their past posts and other digital footprints to assess their medical history. Through cleverly elaborating posts on social media sites, or conducting web searches, insurance adjusters can quickly compile a broad picture of a person’s medical history and condition.

This procedure ensures that insurers have enough information before granting coverage or managing an appeal process. Claimants should therefore remain mindful about what is written or posted online since it could potentially put them in an unfavorable position.

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