A Growing Concern for Florida’s Tourists

Florida is a popular tourist destination that attracts people from around the world. In fact, the state hit a new tourism high with 120 million visitors in 2017. However, many of these tourists are unfamiliar with the state’s landscape—one that varies by region—which can lead to devastating accidents and catastrophic injuries. This year, Long Island … Read More

GRYC Represents Survivor of FIU Bridge Collapse in New Lawsuit

FIU Bridge Collapse

Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen’s co-founder Stuart Grossman and trial attorney Alex Arteaga-Gomez have filed a negligence lawsuit on behalf of Richard Humble, a survivor of the Florida International University (FIU) pedestrian bridge collapse that took place on a busy thoroughfare, Southwest 8th Street, in Miami. The suit is against a number of the private parties … Read More

Equine Law: Everything You Need to Know

Equine Law

We often receive questions about what equine law is and how it works. To help you better understand, we’ve compiled a list of the most common inquiries, as well as how we can assist with your horse-related legal needs. What is equine law? Equine law is the legal practice of all things horse-related. It could be anything … Read More

VIDEO: What is the Difference Between Trial Lawyers and Attorneys?

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People often confuse the terms “trial lawyers” and “attorneys,” but the difference is easily found with a few simple details. Attorneys are all those with law degrees and a practicing license from a bar association. But being a trial lawyer is different. Per the Princeton Review, a trial lawyer’s job is to persuade a jury of … Read More

VIDEO: Is The Cost of Litigation Worth It For My Business?

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Those who are working in the business world understand there are costs and expenses related to litigation. However, we often get questions about the worthiness of litigations: “Is it cost-effective for me to proceed with the case?” or “Is it worth it to spend the time required to get it done?” At Grossman Roth Yaffa … Read More

How to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Since 1994, 804 children have died from heat-related illnesses in cars in the United States, according to Kids and Cars, an advocacy center that conducts research on car-related dangers surrounding children. In approximately 55 percent of those cases, the parent was unaware the child was in the vehicle. These tragedies are not limited to the parents … Read More

VIDEO: Are Release of Liability Forms Legally Binding?

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Have you ever participated in an activity, such as skiing or kayaking, through a business or entity? Or how about entered a hospital for any reason? If so, you may have signed a release of liability form, or a waiver, which frees the business or entity of any liability if things go awry. Release of … Read More

VIDEO: What is the Process for Taking Cases to Trial?

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At Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, we understand how disruptive a lawsuit can be for our clients. As attorneys, our job is to minimize that burden by ensuring the many procedures leading up to a trial don’t interfere with your day to day life. Here’s a breakdown of those steps, and what you can expect along … Read More

VIDEO: Four Things to Do If You’re in A Car Accident

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Car accidents are scary—it can happen to anyone at any given moment no matter where you are. In fact, there’s an average of approximately 1,025 accidents a day in Florida, per the last recorded year by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. So, what should you do if you’ve just gotten in … Read More

Florida Supreme Court: Leading the Court into error may no longer be so harmless

Judges and lawyers on each side of a case must now be more careful in how they try cases and that the evidence presented is presented fairly and fully. The ruling of Florida’s Supreme Court in the case of Frank Special vs. West Boca Medical Center represents an enormous change in the law. “The Florida … Read More