What to Expect After Winning a Lawsuit

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At Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, we have a long history of successfully fighting for the justice our clients deserve. There are several ways to win a lawsuit, with each path depending on the trial phase the case is currently in and whether a resolution can be reached by the parties involved, or must be made by a jury.

Here are the three most common outcomes.


In order to reach a settlement, the parties must meet and agree upon a resolution before the court reaches a decision. That resolution is often monetary, as recourse for how one party was affected by the other’s wrongdoing. In most cases, that compensation will come from a check written directly from the defendant or the defendant’s insurance companies.

Jury Verdict

A jury verdict occurs when a settlement cannot be reached, therefore a third party is required to make a verdict in favor of one side. If the jury rules in your favor, you will receive compensation, typically in the form of a check, for the claims made by you and your legal team.


An appeal is a request made by one party for the case’s jury verdict to be reviewed, and modified if the finding was reached erroneously. Appeals are common in larger cases, following a Jury verdict. If the court subsequently rules that the trial was error-free, then the victorious party will be paid what the jury originally ruled, plus interest that is statutorily set at the time of the appeal.

Our success in resolving  cases and providing our clients with peace of mind is a result of our team’s determination and expertise throughout all phases of the pre-trial and trial process – each of which is detailed in my colleague Stuart Grossman’s blog post. While our team is selective about the casework we take on, if we choose to represent you, we’ll know your complaint inside and out before it’s even filed.

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