Andrew Yaffa Featured in Washington Post for Lawsuit Against Stem Cell Clinic

Andy Yaffa in the Washington Post

Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen client Doris Tyler has been featured in the Washington Post for her recent lawsuit against a stem cell clinic in Georgia.

After undergoing a procedure—where stem cells were injected into her eyes to help her macular degeneration—she is now completely blind. Tyler’s case against the clinic is led by Andrew Yaffa, who was also featured in the story.

Clinics offering stem cell therapies, like the one Tyler visited in Georgia, are quickly spreading around the world. A majority of the treatments they offer are highly experimental, medically unproven and are unregulated by the FDA.

The potentially dangerous operations that these facilities are promoting have resulted in a growing number of tragic incidents that will continue to affect more people until controls are put in place.

More information can be found in the article as well as this video created by the Washington Post:

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