Andrew Yaffa Interviewed for “Tell Me Something Good” Podcast

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Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen’s Andrew Yaffa was recently interviewed by West Palm Beach-based author and entrepreneur, Steve Nudelberg, for an episode of his “Tell Me Something Good” podcast.

In this episode, Yaffa speaks on how the judicial process has changed during COVID-19, stating the pandemic has affected the speed of the court process. He also brings new perspectives from practicing law amid the “new normal,” and touches on his personal experiences during these uncertain times.

“You can file a complaint, but the behavior of going down to the courthouse and having to sit in front of a judge, have a hearing or have jury trials, are non-existent at this point,” explains Yaffa. “There’s no way you can bring a group of people, whether it’s 20 or 100, into one room and go through that normal process of trying to select a jury through an impartial questioning process without exposing them to the horrors that COVID-19 brings.”

Yaffa was also asked to share some of the positive takeaways from his current situation. “Personally, this has given me the ability to spend much more time at home than I’ve ever spent in the past, and, up until COVID, I’ve never been able to really be productive and be at home,” he said.

Some professional takeaways during the pandemic include Yaffa’s ability to move cases more quickly and successfully, even via virtual depositions—something he was initially skeptical of. “I’ve closed more cases in the last four months than ever before in my career,” he says. Overall, he’s been able to focus and implement smarter tactics in his practice.

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