Andy Yaffa Featured in LA Times Article About Controversial Stem Cell Documentary

Cell Surgical Network, whose Atlanta clinic allegedly blinded GRYC client Doris Tyler, is once again in the national spotlight.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Andy Yaffa and his team discovered that Cell Surgical Network helped produce a documentary, titled “The Healthcare Revolution,” that touts the safety of its unproven procedures.

Furthermore, they learned the documentary misleadingly included interviews of numerous biologists, respected scholars and credible members of the scientific community alongside non-accredited individuals, whose business interests directly align with for-profit stem cell clinics that are still unregulated.

“You have placed my interview among those of people who are charlatans and thieves,” Jeanne Loring, a reputable researcher, wrote to the filmmakers after Yaffa shared his discovery with her. Loring and others originally agreed to be interviewed under the premise that the documentary would be unbiased, however, Cell Surgical Network’s role in funding the docuseries shows it was quite the opposite.

“That was the kiss of death for me,” Loring told the LA Times when she found out she was placed in the documentary with Cell Surgical Network’s founders, Mark Berman and Elliot Lander. “I do not want to be associated with those guys at all.”

The alarm Yaffa sounded caused an uproar among the medical community who predominantly view these procedures as dangerous, and is yet another controversy surrounding the Cell Surgical Network’s practices.

This news also follows the recent development reported by the New York Times that the FDA has filed a lawsuit against Cell Surgical Network in an effort to halt the clinic from performing operations such as the one that allegedly blinded Doris Tyler.

Earlier this month, Yaffa and his team also revealed that the defendants in this matter allegedly engaged in fraudulent behavior by continuing to market these stem cell procedures as “safe” to patients, despite warnings and concerns  made by licensed ophthalmologists.

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