Andy Yaffa Represents Florida Teen After Assault

A Florida teenager and his family are suing a soccer club in Weston, Fla. after sexual assault took place when the team took a trip to Colombia. Andy Yaffa is now suing for negligence on behalf of the victim and his family after the heinous act.

Several older boys from Weston FC hazed the 14-year-old while he was in another country, away from his parents, for a soccer camp. The assault began in the hallway of their hotel in Antigua, where the older boys grabbed him, and ended in one of their hotel rooms.

No supervisors were around to catch the older players committing the crime, and, after the crime happened, the soccer club coaches and chaperones only sent home the boys that were responsible for the assault—not the victim. They also did not call the authorities in neither the US nor Colombia.

According to Yaffa, the teen is “emotionally and psychologically devastated.”

Yaffa was recently featured in a number of news outlets discussing this story. You can find more information in the articles below:

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