Andy Yaffa Sues Lyft and GoGoGrandparent for Death of 87-year-old Hallandale Woman

In November 2008, Maria Scarpa, an 87-year-old woman shopping at her local Walmart in East Hallandale, was hit and killed by a car. Now, Andy Yaffa, partner at Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen is looking to hold ride-sharing company Lyft, along with another transportation company, responsible for her death.

According to Yaffa’s lawsuit, on the day Scarpa was killed, her son had called GoGoGrandparent, a service that connects the elderly with an Uber or Lyft driver, to have her safely picked up from Walmart and taken back home.

The driver received notice of Ms. Scarpa’s impaired vision, hardness of hearing, and her attire. He was expected to pick her up on the curbside so she could safely enter the vehicle.

Despite this, the driver allegedly did not accommodate the pick-up appropriately, and, instead, Ms. Scarpa had to walk across a busy street, approximately 30 yards away. It was while crossing this street that a car hit her and dragged her across the parking lot.

GoGoGrandparent advertises itself as an on-demand transportation company that helps families take better care of older adults. However, their drivers are not specifically trained to work with the elderly.

“If GoGo had provided a driver that did what they represented they do, this death [would not have] happened,” said Yaffa about the case.

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