GRYC Stem Cell Lawsuit Client Doris Tyler Featured On NBC Nightly News

As Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen continues to seek justice for those affected by the practices of unlicensed clinics, GRYC stem cell lawsuit client Doris Tyler sat down with NBC Nightly News to tell her story yet again.

The segment, “Warning Over Controversial Stem Cell Clinics and Unapproved Treatments” discusses the need for government regulation of rogue clinics, such as the one where she was treated.

The story of the Orlando native and retired elementary school music teacher, Doris Tyler, begins with her search for a cure to her macular degeneration. She first learned about the therapy after reading The Stem Cell Revolution, a promotional book written by the founders of Cell Surgical Network, which claimed that procedures using the cells could treat her macular degeneration.

Cell Surgical Network then referred Tyler to an affiliate Georgia clinic, where doctors injected fat-derived stem cells directly into her eyes. Two months after receiving the treatment, Tyler had completely lost her vision. GRYC’s Andy Yaffa represents Tyler in her lawsuit against Cell Surgical Network, the clinic and the doctors who treated her.

With recent estimates showing there are now roughly 1,000 clinics in the United States performing similar stem cell operations, some fear that incidents like our clients’ will become increasingly common. Yaffa has already represented several others in stem cell malpractice lawsuits, including Jeannine Mallard, who also became fully blinded after receiving stem cell therapy similar to Tyler’s.

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