Media features Stuart Grossman lawsuit for client killed in Tesla crash

On February 24, 2019, Tesla crash lawsuit victim Omar Awan was driving his Model S before he lost control of the vehicle and died after the car caught fire and its design prevented the doors from opening.

Now, Stuart Grossman, partner and co-founder of Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen (GRYC), is representing the victim’s family in a case, holding Tesla Motors, Inc. and Tesla Florida, Inc. accountable for Awan’s death.

As reported by the Washington Post, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald and more, Awan’s car crashed into a tree. The accident itself was not fatal and an officer who witnessed the incident immediately arrived to assist him.

However, his Tesla had retractable door handles, which allegedly malfunctioned and prevented first responders from opening the cabin. These doors are included on all Model S vehicles and are designed to conceal themselves within the doors until a key is presented.

Seconds after first responders arrived and could not access the vehicle, the Tesla’s battery caught fire and engulfed the car in flames, burning Awan to death. As other Tesla victims have experienced, the lithium-ion compounds that fuel its electric vehicles often ignite after being damaged from an accident, seriously injuring or killing occupants. 

Tesla claims the batteries and aerodynamic handles of the Model S help make it, “an industry standard for performance and safety.” The lawsuit argues that these features instead were the cause of death, and Grossman is now seeking justice for Awan’s widow and five surviving children.

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