The New York Times Highlights Dangers of Misleading Stem Cell Therapies and Features Andy Yaffa’s Cases

The recent cutting-edge medical therapy involving the use of stem cells to prevent and treat a variety of diseases has been surrounded by hope and confidence. However, some clinics across the nation are taking advantage of the hard work put in by scientists and are falsely claiming stem cell therapies to be an be-all and end-all cure for those suffering from terrible illnesses.

Now a nationwide epidemic, these types of facilities are garnering global notoriety for permanently injuring consumers. Our partner, Andy Yaffa, was featured in the New York Times for attaining justice in a medical malpractice lawsuit for two women who suffered permanent eye damage after receiving unsafe stem-cell treatments at freestanding clinics in Florida.

Read more about this case in the article: “Patients Lose Sight After Stem Cells Are Injected Into Their Eyes.”