Stuart Grossman Represents Surviving Wife of Deceased Racing Coach

Peter London, a racing coach and race car driver, was killed last month when a vehicle in which he was a passenger struck a concrete barricade at the Palm Beach International Raceway.

London was called as a back-up to teach the motorist of a 2013 Lamborghini, Nicholas Peralta Tort, how to drive this type of car. He died after Peralta Tort lost control of the vehicle and crashed. Peralta Tort had rented out the speedway to test the car.

Now his wife, Paola London, turned to Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen for help. She is filing a lawsuit against the driver and owner of the Lamborghini for negligence.

The owner of the vehicle was the driver’s father, Carlos Peralta Quintero, who is the chairman and CEO of the Mexico conglomerate Grupo IUSA.

As Mrs. London’s representation, Stuart Grossman was recently featured in a variety of news stories about this case.

You can learn more information about Peter, his wife Paola, and the lawsuit from the below publications: