Automobile, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents

As trial lawyers, we help people like you suffering with serious life-altering personal injuries receive the compensation to which you are entitled, to pay for your thousands of dollars in medical expenses and a lifetime of medical treatment.  Our personal injury attorneys are skilled at pursing justice, whether your case involves the operation of a car, truck, motorcycle, personal watercraft or any other motorized vehicle. Formed in 1988, our trial law firm has an unrivaled record of favorable verdicts and multi-million dollar settlements for automobile collision victims.

The dedicated trial attorneys at Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen plan to continue pursuing significant damage awards for our clients and loved ones left behind as a result of motor vehicle accidents. In fact, we’ve won our clients some of Florida’s largest jury awards.

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*The results obtained by the Firm in these cases are representative only, and there is no guarantee that future cases will yield similar results. The amounts set forth above are before deductions for attorneys’ fees and costs.


One afternoon, a 60-year-old woman was out for a walk near her home in Palm Beach County. She had the right of way and was crossing at a crosswalk when she was struck by a woman in a convertible, who was making a left turn. The victim suffered a dislocated ankle and compound bone fracture that will cause her to limp for the rest of her life. She sued the driver and the driver’s insurance company, receiving a seven-figure settlement for the damages.

The victim of this case is a woman from Sarasota, Florida who was run over by an SUV in a Target parking lot. The incident occurred when she was walking behind the vehicle, and the driver backed into her without warning, and continued in reverse until every bone in her leg was crushed. She required extensive hospitalization for three to four months as a result and is now unable to walk without significant assistance. Our client sought justice from the SUV owner and the owner’s insurance company, receiving a seven-figure settlement as recourse.

One evening, a middle-aged husband and wife were walking their dog on a small street near their South Florida home. They were hit by a driver that had problems with his eyesight and was just coming from an eye appointment. The husband was initially in a coma and later passed away. The wife was injured but recovered fully after many months of treatment. The couple had two minor children.

A $12.5 million vehicle accidents jury verdict on behalf of the family of two young children and their grandfather, who were killed in a collision involving a truck. The trucking company appealed, and the case was settled during the appellate process for $8.5 million.

A $10 million vehicle collision settlement for the family of our client, who was killed when a transport truck failed to stop and crashed into his car.

A $1.75 million vehicle collision judgment in Volusia County on behalf of a Miami doctor who was permanently injured as a result of an automobile accident.