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Were you injured as a result of dangerous property conditions? Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen has been representing injured victims in Miami since 1988, securing millions of dollars in compensation on their behalf. Let us help you seek justice.

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When you visit someone else’s property or business, such as a restaurant or store, you have a right to expect that they have implemented all required safety and security protocols to keep you safe. This is especially true for places like nightclubs, bars, and sports arenas, where the risk of a violent attack or assault is heightened – and unfortunately, many of the property owners for these places do not have enough security measures in place to protect their patrons.

As a well-known Miami trial firm with more than 30 years spent serving the community, Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen can provide skilled and compassionate assistance with your negligent security claim. Negligent security cases are a form of premises liability litigation, and you may be eligible for compensation if you were assaulted, injured, robbed, raped, or harmed in any other manner as a direct result of malfunctioning or inadequate security.

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What Is a Negligent Security Claim?

Landowners, managers, security companies and others who oversee a business location have a responsibility to protect visitors and people using their property, and even the area surrounding that property. After a violent attack or assault happens on their premises, these individuals or organizations may be considered partially responsible for the incident. Negligent security settlements and other positive outcomes for victims are possible when the victims and their attorneys can prove that an individual or entity failed to fulfill their protective duty.

For example, the victim of assault in a poorly-lit parking lot or a shooting at a hotel may have a strong negligent security case against the operators of those properties. The same can be said for someone attacked in a section of a mall, sporting event, or office hallway.


Millions Recovered on Behalf of Our Clients
  • Premises Liability Seven-Figure Settlement in Negligent Security Case

    Two bystanders in front of a supermarket were shot at by a driving vehicle. One man was fatally shot, and another was shot and severely injured. The man that died had a minor child.


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Some of the most common grounds for negligent security claims include

  • Faulty, dim, or malfunctioning lighting
  • Defective stairwell design
  • Lax security in breaking up fights and attacks
  • Failing to consider a history of violence and assault in the area
  • Lack of security professionals on duty
  • Failing to install security cameras or monitoring devices
  • Failing to report sexual assault, robbery, and other crimes
  • No security systems or alarms installed
  • Defective security systems and alarms
  • Failing to have staff on duty in case of emergencies

No matter what circumstances led to your incident or attack, hiring an attorney with the right experience can increase your chances for a beneficial outcome. These claims can be difficult to prove and litigate, making it essential to find counsel you can trust to navigate the legal process.

One of the many cases filed by our negligent security lawyers in Miami-Dade involved two bystanders who were shot in a drive-by while standing outside a Florida supermarket. The shooting killed one man and left the other paralyzed from the waist down. Our legal team fought for these victims and their families, securing a substantial seven-figure settlement against the supermarket and property owner.

Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen Can Help

Have you or a loved one recently experienced a crime, personal injury or property damage at a hotel, parking lot, apartment or other place of business? Do you suspect that this incident could have been prevented by the business owner, landlord or tenant where it occurred? If so, you may be a victim – and Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen’s Miami negligent security attorneys can help your case succeed.

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