Stem Cell Therapy Malpractice

Over the last two decades, there has been great enthusiasm when it comes to the promise and use of stem cells, as research shows stem cells may be a viable option for a variety of diseases. This cutting-edge medical therapy may well be the wave of the future, but in large part, remains unproven.

Unfortunately, this promise and hope is being exploited by many facilities claiming to be part of clinical trials and making false and unsafe promises. Further, many of these clinics offer therapies that are administered improperly and not or by a legitimate doctor or healthcare provider.

These stem cell therapies are dangerous, deceptive and may well result in stem cell malpractice.

Have you recently sought treatment at a stem cell clinic that caused harmful or permanent damage? Do you have family or friends that are victims to deceptive stem cell therapy or stem cell malpractice? Do you have stem cell negligence claims? If you paid to receive stem cell therapy that resulted in serious damage, we can help you seek justice.

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Gain from the extensive expertise and experience of Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, the trial law firm that helps people seek the compensation to which they are entitled following deceptive stem cell therapy. We have represented and won cases for those who have suffered from stem cell malpractice cases.

Do not trust your case to just any attorney – go with a team of trusted, professional stem cell lawyers. Read more about the stem cell therapy malpractice cases we’ve taken on:

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