Since 1988, Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen has represented individuals injured by negligent parties. The firm's award-winning attorneys have a proven track record of success, winning millions of dollars for their clients in rightful compensation.

Our Case Results

Securing Over $1 Billion for Victims of Catastrophic Injury, Medical Malpractice, and Other Injuries

With more than 2002 years of combined experience in the law and 30 years in business, Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen has won extraordinary results for our clients. Working in a wide range of practice areas, including wrongful death, medical malpractice, personal injury, premises liability, product liability, sexual assault, consumer fraud, and professional malpractice, we fight for those who have been victimized by wrongdoing and carelessness. But don’t take our word for it: We believe that our case results speak for themselves.

Eight-Figure Settlement in Resort Premises Liability Case

While on vacation in Key West, Florida,a Massachusetts man jumped into a body of water adjacent to the Resort’s property. Unfortunately, he severely injured his neck which led him to becoming a quadriplegic. During his time at a resort restaurant and bar, he jumped into the ocean off a dock where he believed it was safe to swim and severely injured his neck and leaving him quadriplegic. There were no warning signs for guests not to jump into the water. The victim sued the resort, the tiki bar and the property owners for lack of signage warning of the water’s depths. Our client was awarded an eight-figure settlement.

Seven-Figure Settlement in Negligent Security Drive-By Shooting Case

Two bystanders in front of a supermarket were victims of a driveby shooting. One victim was fatally injured while the other sustained severe injuries. The victim who died left behind a child who was a minor. Our firm was able to settle over 7 figures for our clients involved in this case.

Seven-Figure Verdict for Victim of Thyroid Operation Malpractice

A Punta Gordo, Florida woman in her forties visited an ear, nose, and throat specialist for a check-up due to fatigue. After performing a brief examination, the doctor recommended that she undergo parathyroid surgery, but failed to order the necessary radiological scan to determine which side of the neck the operation should address. Without that information, the surgeon began working on the wrong side of her neck and did not realize his error until well into the procedure. When the surgeon opened the other side of her neck to re-operate, he permanently injured the nerve controlling her vocal cords, leaving her with permanent speaking issues. Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen represented this woman in a lawsuit against the doctor and obtained a seven-figure verdict, which ultimately led to a confidential settlement.

Seven-Figure Settlement for Orthopedic Medical Malpractice

A woman was brought to a hospital in Lee County, Florida after she slipped and fell, injuring her leg. During her treatment, the hospital staff failed to notice that she had a blood clot behind her knee, restricting circulation to the rest of her leg. Left untreated, the clot cut off blood flow and her leg was eventually beyond saving and was amputated. Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen obtained a seven-figure settlement from the hospital on behalf of this client.

Seven-Figure Settlement for Neonatal Medical Malpractice

In 2015, a 23-year-old mother began experiencing severe complications while giving birth in Charlotte County, Florida. The hospital’s staff did not give her the attention she needed and failed to realize that her complications required an emergency transfer to a Sarasota County Hospital, which had the needed staff and equipment to treat her. The mother and her unborn child eventually died in the hospital. Her parents received a seven-figure settlement for these damages, despite a threat of arbitration that would have significantly limited these damages.

Seven-Figure Settlement for Cardiology Medical Malpractice

A 46-year-old man was undergoing heart surgery at a South Florida hospital after suffering a heart attack. The cardiologist that was assigned to the surgery did not consult with a heart surgeon before performing the surgery. During the procedure, the cardiologist perforated the patient’s left anterior descending artery. The patient died, leaving behind an 11-year-old daughter and wife. The family of the victim sued the hospital and received a seven-figure settlement.

Seven-Figure Settlement for Crosswalk Accident

One afternoon, a 60-year-old woman was out for a walk near her home in Palm Beach County. She had the right of way and was crossing at a crosswalk when she was struck by a woman in a convertible, who was making a left turn. The victim suffered a dislocated ankle and compound bone fracture that will cause her to limp for the rest of her life. She sued the driver and the driver’s insurance company, receiving a seven-figure settlement for the damages.

Seven-Figure Settlement for SUV and Pedestrian Accident

The victim of this case is a woman from Sarasota, Florida who was run over by an SUV in a Target parking lot. The incident occurred when she was walking behind the vehicle, and the driver backed into her without warning, and continued in reverse until every bone in her leg was crushed. She required extensive hospitalization for three to four months as a result and is now unable to walk without significant assistance. Our client sought justice from the SUV owner and the owner’s insurance company, receiving a seven-figure settlement as recourse.

Seven-Figure Wrongful Death Settlement for Run-Over Accident

One evening, a middle-aged husband and wife were walking their dog on a small street near their South Florida home. They were hit by a driver that had problems with his eyesight and was just coming from an eye appointment. The husband was initially in a coma and later passed away. The wife was injured but recovered fully after many months of treatment. The couple had two minor children.

$410 Million Class Action Settlement for Bank of America Account Holders

A $410 million settlement on behalf of Bank of America individual account holders who suffered additional overdraft fees as a result of the bank’s policy of re-sequencing debit transactions from highest to lowest.

$39 Million Settlement for Florida Property Owners

A $39 million first party property insurance settlement on behalf of a class of Florida property owners assessed unlawful windstorm deductibles by Lloyds of London.

$37 Million Wrongful Death Verdict Against Florida Power and Light

A $37 million wrongful death jury verdict against Florida Power and Light on behalf of the family of a teenage girl who died in a car collision in Pinecrest after an FPL crew cut power to a major intersection to address a minor fire. After FPL crewmembers disconnected power to the traffic signal, our client’s car was hit by another vehicle. The child was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital where she died hours later.

$36 Million Settlement for Union Bank Account Holders

A $36 million Multidistrict and Class Action Litigation settlement on behalf of Union Bank individual account holders who suffered additional overdraft fees as a result of the bank’s policy of re-sequencing debit transactions from highest to lowest.

$23.5 Million Jury Verdict Against University of Florida

A $23.5 million medical malpractice jury verdict against the University of Florida on behalf of a woman who suffered a massive stroke when a medical procedure to ease her migraines went wrong.

$19 Million Class Action Verdict for Palm Beach County Residents

A $19 million Multidistrict and Class Action Litigation jury verdict on behalf of residents of Palm Beach County, Florida, whose citrus trees were cut down by the state as part of its program directed toward the elimination of citrus canker.

$16 Million Settlement for Nursing Medical Malpractice

A middle-aged woman was in a Broward County hospital recovering from a brain aneurysm. While making her recovery in the hospital room, she grew agitated and began pulling on the tracheostomy tube connected to her neck. The nurse on duty documented that she was pulling at her tubes six different times in 24 hours, and yet did nothing to prevent her from being able to dismantle the tubes.

When the nurse next arrived for a routine check-in, the patient was found on the floor, lifeless, with all tubes, monitors, IVs and clothing removed from her body. This incident caused her to suffer a hypoxic brain injury. She was expected to make a full recovery after the brain aneurysm, but the hypoxic brain injury she suffered from this event caused massive damage. Now, she is unable to walk or talk and needs 24-hour nursing care for life. The victim and her husband sued the hospital and received a $15 (These #s don’t match the heading of this result) million settlement.

$12.5 Million Jury Verdict for Fatal Truck Accident

AA $12.5 million jury verdict in favor of two young children and their grandfather, who were killed in a collision involving a truck., was obtained The trucking company appealed, and the case was settled during the appellate process for $8.5 million.

$10 Million Wrongful Death Settlement for Truck Accident

A $10 million vehicle collision settlement for the family of our client, who was killed when a transport truck failed to stop and crashed into his car.

$9.8 Million Verdict Against Coral Springs Medical Center & Omega Gynecology & Obstetrics Center

A $9.8 million medical malpractice settlement for a husband and wife whose twins failed to receive the special attention they needed from Coral Springs Medical Center and doctors from the Omega Gynecology & Obstetrics Center. Numerous signs indicating the need for special attention during labor and delivery were overlooked. As a result of the negligence of these defendants, one of the twins suffered severe brain damage, rendering the child permanently disabled. The settlement will pay for the lifetime of medical expenses and other needs of the child.

$2 Million Settlement for Family of Broward Sheriff's Office Detective

A $2 million workplace safety settlement on behalf of the family of a Broward Sheriff’s Office Detective who was killed by a suspect during the serving of a search warrant and raid of the suspect’s home.

$2 Million Settlement for Misdiagnosis of a Florida Tourist

A 68-year-old man was on vacation on the west coast of Florida with his entire family. The day before he was to go home, he started complaining about pain in his left leg, which was swollen, red and painful. He went to a local emergency room, and the family asked the doctor if it was a blood clot. (The family had a close relative that had previously endured similar symptoms from a blood clot.) The doctor assured the family that it was not a blood clot but was instead cellulitis from a sunburn. The physician encouraged the patient to visit his primary care physician when he returned home. When the patient returned home the next day, he died of a pulmonary embolism due to the blood clot that was initially suspected by the family. The family sued the hospital for misdiagnosing the patient and received nearly $2 million.

$1.75 Million Judgment for Injured Miami Doctor After Accident

A $1.75 million vehicle collision judgment in Volusia County on behalf of a Miami doctor who was permanently injured as a result of an automobile accident.

$898,000 Medical Malpractice Verdict for Former Major League Baseball Star (#s DON’T MATCH)

A $890,000 (MAKE TOTAL VERDICT CONSISTENT WITH TITLE/CHECK IT?) medical malpractice jury verdict on behalf of a former Major League Baseball star against an ophthalmologist for negligence in the removal of a cataract and implantation of an artificial lens in our client’s left eye. After surgery, our client’s retina detached, something that would not have occurred had the doctor monitored the situation more closely. Further, we showed the jury that the doctor should not have implanted the controversial multifocal intraocular lens, which is now off the market since it was known to create night vision problems. Our client was awarded money for pain, suffering and loss of income as a result of the harm he suffered.

Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) Cases

$6 Million FTCA Settlement for Misdiagnosed Meningitis Case

A $6 million Federal Tort Claims Act settlement for a little girl who lost her legs and one of her arms, and the use of her other arm, as a result of a misdiagnosed case of meningococcal meningitis at a United States Naval Hospital in Maryland.

$2 Million FTCAFTCA Verdict for Family of FEMA Victim

A $2 million Federal Tort Claims Act verdict for the family of a mother killed when the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) trailer she was living in after Hurricane Andrew failed to protect her during a subsequent storm.

$1.3 Million FTCAFTCA Verdict for USPS Truck Accident

A $1.3 million Federal Tort Claims Act verdict on behalf of the family of a child killed when he was run over in his driveway by a United States Postal Service truck.

$1 Million FTCAFTCA Settlement for Medical Malpractice

A $1 million Federal Tort Claims Act settlement for a child injured by medical malpractice while being treated at a United States Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

Confidential Settlements

Confidential Settlement for Amusement Park Ride Injury Victim

A confidential child safety settlement for a teenage girl paralyzed after falling from an amusement park ride called Terminal Velocity, where the ride operator failed to ensure that the gear designed to prevent riders from falling to the ground was properly deployed.

Confidential Settlement for Teenage Victim at Miami-Dade County Youth Fair

A confidential child safety settlement for a teenage girl seriously injured after being ejected from the Gravitron ride at the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair. Our investigation discovered that a sheared bolt on the ride failed to keep a panel secured, causing the failure and accident that injured our client and her friend. The ride had a history of problems, and the company operating it had poor inspection and maintenance practices.

Confidential Settlement in Pesticide Product Liability Case

A confidential defective products settlement for the son of an agricultural worker born without arms or legs as a result of improper application of pesticides. The boy’s mother, who was employed in the tomato fields for Ag-Mart, was repeatedly sprayed with pesticides while working in the fields. Our investigation uncovered numerous violations by Ag-Mart, including smuggling and unacceptable working conditions. As a result of the settlement, our client will receive a lifetime of financial support and medical care.

Confidential Settlement for Man Paralyzed by Defective Truck

A confidential defective products settlement on behalf of a man paralyzed as a result of a defect in a Dodge Ram truck, which allowed it to roll over during an accident. The settlement we obtained will enable our client, who is paralyzed from the neck down, to pay for his lifelong nursing care.

Confidential Settlement for Family of Electrical Worker

A confidential workplace safety settlement for the family of an electrical worker killed by an explosion in a manhole in downtown Miami.

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