The 5 Steps for a Successful Medical Malpractice Investigation

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At Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, we understand that our clients aren’t always familiar with the process of moving a medical malpractice case forward.

The very first step that we take on your behalf is conducting a thorough medical malpractice investigation, which helps build a solid foundation for your case further down the line.

Here’s a breakdown of the five steps necessary for a successful medical malpractice investigation that will position your case for success in the future.

1. Facts are gathered

When people come to a law firm for medical malpractice, it’s often the very first time they’ve experienced a doctor potentially doing wrong, so they don’t necessarily know the facts. The very first step is for us to gather information and make sure we have a full understanding of what you believe happened in your specific situation.

2. Evidence is preserved

Once the facts have been gathered, as much evidence as possible is preserved. Medical records, scans, and most importantly medical charts are collected to ensure they are available for reference if your case goes to court. These documents are crucial to explaining what happened during the medical care and treatment you received.

3. Experts are found

After the necessary evidence is preserved, experts are sought out. We look for experts in the exact specialty that treated you or your family member so that those experts can examine your medical chart and communicate to a jury what went wrong and what harms occurred over time.

4. Witness testimony is gathered

When experts have been identified, witness testimony is gathered. This testimony can come from your friends, your family and your treating physicians who witnessed the changes you went through before and after the harm that occurred to you. Making sure we preserve those memories and bring them to trial is extremely important early in the trial process.

5. Information on potential defendants is gathered

Once all the witness testimony has been gathered, attorneys focus on learning more about what the potential defendants did and who they are. Understanding a potential defendant’s history with other patients, qualifications, education, training and experience is crucial in determining whether they were the right doctor for you at the time.

Once a medical malpractice investigation has been completed, we can then move the case forward into litigation. With our experienced attorneys, staff, medical investigators and experts, our firm is well equipped to help you make a recovery and get the justice you deserve.

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