VIDEO: Are Release of Liability Forms Legally Binding?

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Have you ever participated in an activity, such as skiing or kayaking, through a business or entity? Or how about entered a hospital for any reason? If so, you may have signed a release of liability form, or a waiver, which frees the business or entity of any liability if things go awry.

Release of liability forms have been around for decades, and have been utilized by businesses to avoid lawsuits. But they may not hold as much weight as you’d expect.

The courts have ruled on public policy, which is for the greater good of the people, that these waivers cannot preclude you from filing a lawsuit. In fact, most states don’t even recognize these release forms as binding because it goes against public policy. This is especially true in the state of Florida.

Have you signed a release of liability form, experienced a personal injury, and thought you can’t get out of it? Have you been victim of an injury but have been prevented from filing suit because of a waiver?

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